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At Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. we fully understand there are many factors that determine what type of pool fencing works best for you. We have pool fencing systems to meet nearly every need; decorative fence, privacy fencing, barrier fencing and security fence systems, Rigid PVC fence, Non-Climb and Wire Mesh fence.

If you are looking for Pool fencing systems that provides a strong barrier, with the added safety of flexing on impact, very low maintenance, strong break strength, long life and high visibility, we suggest Pick-it Fence Co. Inc's. Pool-Fence Systems.

Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. carries a PVC fence that is beautiful, decorative fence for your property, pool deck area with a white, board fence look, or aluminum fence made to beautify your patio and landscape.

Ask our pool fence advisor to see which type fence system or combination is right for you, or call in to speak with the pool fencing experts at Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. They can offer assistance and installation questions too. We know that not pool areas are alike, so we will mix and match a pool fence system that will fit your needs and the needs of your farm or ranch; just give them a call at 1.561.795.9872

Pool Fence Specialists: Palm Beach County

We are pro-active in working with architects, engineers, and manufacturers for specifications, drawings, updates on quality products, as well as value engineering. Pick-it Fence Co .is recognized as a leader in the fencing industry with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service in Palm Beach County. Pick-it Fence Co Inc. is your best choice for fence

We install and supply the following products:

Pick-it Fence has been serving South Florida's architects, businesses, builders and governments for more than 18 years. Our reputation as Palm Beach County's premier residential and commercial fencing contractor only grows every year. With dedicated Fencing Professional on staff to support our client's technical needs, we are the proactive fencing contractor for Palm Beach and Martin County. Our residential fence installation service is your choice for all types of residential fencing. All of our residential fencing are compliant fencing systems. Our extensive experience with residential and commercial projects enables us to complete your large and small projects on time and within budget.

Equestrian Fence Specialists: Palm Beach & Martin County

At Pick-It Fence Company, Inc. we guarantee our quality and workmanship on all our pool fence installations.

Material is adapted and reproduced with permission from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting OVER, UNDER, or THROUGH keeping the child from gaining unintended unsupervised access to the pool.

The top of a pool barrier should be at least 48 inches above grade, measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the swimming pool. Eliminate all handholds and footholds and minimize the size of openings in a barrier's construction.

The bottom of the barrier should not exceed 4 inches above grade, when the measurement in done on the side of the barrier facing away from the pool.

All openings should be small enough so that a 4-inch diameter sphere can not pass through. This size is based on the head breadth and the chest depth of a young child.

Gates should open out from the pool and should be self-closing and self-latching. If a gate is properly designed, even if the gate is not completely latched, a young child pushing on the gate in order to enter the pool area will at least close the gate and may actually engage the latch.
The release mechanism for the gate should be at least 3 inches below the top of the gate on the side facing the pool.

Placing the release mechanism at this height prevents a young child from reaching over the top of a gate and releasing the latch.

The gate and barrier should have no opening greater than 1/2 inch within 18 inches of the latch release mechanism. This prevents a young child from reaching through the gate and releasing the latch.

When the house walls form part of the pool barrier, passage through any doors in the house wall should be controlled by security measures:

All doors which give access to a swimming pool would be equipped with an audible alarm which sounds when the door and/or screen are opened.
Alarm should sound for 30 seconds or more immediately after the door is opened
Alarm should be loud; at least 85 decibels when measured 10 feet away from the alarm mechanism with a distinct sound different from any other sounds in the house.
Alarm should have an automatic reset feature. Alarm should have a switch that allows adults to temporarily deactivate the alarm for up to 15 seconds
Self-closing doors with self latching devices could also be used to safeguard doors that give ready access to a swimming pool.

When you are in need of a quality Pool fence Installation at a competitive price, be sure to call Pick-It Fence Co. Inc.

Call 561-795-8972 today!

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